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Throughout your journey to motherhood, you need comprehensive pregnancy care to ensure you and your little one are developing healthfully. With a team of compassionate women’s health experts at your side at Habersham OBGYN in Demorest, Georgia, you can receive the dedicated care you deserve. If personalized, quality pregnancy care, call the office or schedule an evaluation online today.

Pregnancy Care Q & A

Why is pregnancy care important?

Pregnancy care is important to ensure you’re healthy and your little one is progressing normally. You need ongoing prenatal care throughout every stage of your pregnancy to:

  • Check for pregnancy complications, such as preeclampsia
  • Evaluate your baby’s size and heart functions
  • Learn about special nutritional needs during pregnancy
  • Ensure you’re gaining a healthy amount of weight

Pregnancy care is also important to start planning for your little one’s arrival. Your obstetrician can talk with you about birth plans and even get you set up with a certified nurse-midwife if you’d like. 

How often do I need to see my obstetrician if I am pregnant?

It depends on your health and the health of your baby. If you’re having a normal pregnancy, your dedicated physician at Habersham OBGYN recommends prenatal visits:

  • Every 4-6 weeks through week 32
  • Every 2-3 weeks between weeks 32-37
  • Weekly from your 37th week until delivery

But if you’re having a high-risk pregnancy, including advanced maternal age (over age 35) or issues with gestational diabetes, among other issues, your obstetrician needs to examine you more regularly. 

For high-risk pregnancies, scheduling weekly or biweekly prenatal exams throughout your pregnancy is common.

What happens during prenatal appointments?

The team at Habersham OBGYN collaborate together to ensure you have a happy and healthy pregnancy. During each prenatal visit, your obstetrician provides evaluations that are tailored to your needs at the time. Prenatal appointments often include:

  • Lactation counseling
  • 3D ultrasound imaging
  • Pelvic and breast exam
  • Measurement of your belly
  • Labor and delivery planning 
  • Dietary and nutritional counseling
  • Sexually transmitted disease (STD) testing
  • Screenings for diabetes, anemia, and other issues

One of the most important aspects of pregnancy care from Habersham OBGYN is ongoing counseling. 

Your doctor educates you about what to expect throughout your journey to motherhood and spends time ensuring you’re empowered with the information you need to care for yourself and your new baby. 

Book your pregnancy care evaluation at Habersham OBGYN today. You can conveniently schedule through the website or by phone with a team member.