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Modern types of contraception are highly convenient and over 99% effective at preventing an unwanted pregnancy. If you need to start a new type of birth control or are interested in trying a new formulary, contact Habersham OBGYN in Demorest, Georgia. The dedicated team talks with you about which types of contraception may be most beneficial for your needs so you can make an educated decision. Book your contraception evaluation online or call to speak with a team member directly.

Contraception Q & A

Which contraception is most effective?

You have plenty of options available for contraception that are over 99% effective. Some of the most in-demand types of birth control, based on their approximate effectiveness rates, include:

  • Hormonal implant (99%)
  • Hormonal or copper intrauterine device “IUD” (99%)
  • Birth control shot (98%)
  • Birth control patch (92%)
  • Combination birth control pills (91%)

Though these are just some of the solutions available to prevent unwanted pregnancy, it’s important to know that none of these contraception formularies protect you from sexually transmitted diseases (STDs). 

You should still use a condom in combination with other forms of birth control to keep you and your partner healthy. 

How do I know which type of contraception I need?

Choosing which type of contraception works best for your family planning needs can be overwhelming. But your dedicated physician at Habersham OBGYN helps you decide which solution may be right for you. Your doctor needs to know:

  • When and if you want to start having children
  • Whether or not you can commit to taking a daily pill
  • If you have any reproductive issues, like abnormal bleeding

It’s also important to let your gynecologist know if you’ve ever had any issues with a type of birth control before. For instance, if you previously took a hormonal birth control pill that led to weight gain, let your doctor know. They can help you select an alternative solution.  

What happens during a birth control evaluation?

Habersham OBGYN is home to a team of caring women’s health providers. You can expect to be taken care of and treated with compassion throughout every appointment. 

During your birth control evaluation, your physician may:

  • Perform a pelvic exam 
  • Conduct STD screenings
  • Order a blood draw 

If you have any current complaints, like pelvic pain, your gynecologist may also conduct an ultrasound to see if there are any abnormal issues, such as ovarian cysts. 

By the end of your contraception evaluation, you should feel empowered to make an educated decision about which formulary is going to fit into your lifestyle. 

Habersham OBGYN provides all of the latest contraception options. Find out which type of birth control is right for you by booking an evaluation through the website or over the phone today.